Our Story & Distinction

About Us


We help brands tell diverse stories. Our team creates brand-led content and experiences that support our partners narratives and their primary objectives. We are a collaborative group of talented, ethnically diverse photographers, content creators and influencers that are acutely in tune with the large audience we are cultivating. Through partnerships with brands, organizations, media outlets and individuals, we develop a spectra of unique perspectives, crafting dynamic stories that captivate the imagination of our collective audience.


Select members from our roster of talent and team. Our core team of photographers + influencers consists of more than 30+ individuals, and capture over 5+ million audience on Instagram alone. The overall network of talent has a weekly reach of 50+ million.


Our journey started more than seven years when two strangers became friends through an unexpected collaboration.

Our founders met over a shared interest in the arts and promoting cultural diversity, which is where an opportunity blossomed. Neil and Karston first collaborated to curate an art exhibition, creating the African-American Arts Collective, and presenting the work of 14 young artists at Salt Space in 2010 during Black History month. Karston had relationships, and Neil had access to a gallery and event space. The opening reception was a smashing success. And as they say, the rest is history.


Cultural + Ethnic Diversity.

We believe that for society to thrive it must be culturally and ethnically diverse – a disparity we must all fully embrace. At Spectrum, this belief is our core. By working with our team, companies and agencies are able to gain a broad perspective on their brands that ultimately communicates a more realistic story that accurately reflects our world. This distinction is our greatest value.