case study

Grey Goose


Over the last couple of years our team has enjoyed partnering with Grey Goose on a number of adventures, brand activations, events, and more. Karston and Cesarin have traveled to Nicaragua, France, the Hamptons, and more to capture an extensive library of imagery. 

Locations: New York City, The hamptons, Nicaragua, France.


Tucked away off the beaten path in the Pacific coastal hills of Nicaragua.

What began as a quest to create a place for friends and family to congregate has evolved into an idyllic boutique resort Maderas Village. Grey Goose brought together an amazing group of friends – new and old – to spend a weekend away exploring the vast beauty of Nicaragua.


Le Logis, the stunning new home of Grey Goose.

Located in the heart of the Cognac region of France, Le Logis is the new home to Grey Goose. The beautifully restored 17th-century manor house is an exquisite setting. Two from our team joined Grey Goose for an exclusive look at the stunning property ahead of opening to the general public this summer. Over a few days, along with several others, Karston and Cesarin took in the sights and sounds of the manor, the vineyards, and the surrounding region.


Bringing the French Riviera to The Hamptons for an exclusive summer soiree.

Grey Goose developed an extraordinary series of summer experiences transporting individuals to the French Riviera with the finest foods, cocktails, and music – the Boulangerie Bleue. Grey Goose brought together a group of friends – new and old – to The Hamptons for a wonderful weekend, and truly unique event. Several from our team were invited to enjoy the festivities beach side.