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Pacific Northwest Adventure


In life and work, we seek to explore. Our team organized a long weekend adventure to journey through the epic Pacific Northwest – a region of the world we had yet to tour. Our team of road warriors sketched out the itinerary and contacted a number of brands and agencies for partnership. 

Locations: POrtland, seattle, and the back roads in between.


Collaboration is a critical element in all of our work.

Seven members of our team spent five days traveling, bouncing from one coast to the other and back again, with four intense nonstop days on the road between flights. It is through strategic partnerships these types of adventures become a reality, and ultimately a success.


Four days was not nearly enough time to fully explore.

Creativity demands constraints. While the team had a long list of desired spots to hit, time was limited. Nevertheless, the crew was able to design an itinerary that fully maximized time on the road knowing that some sleep might be sacrificed. An extensive library of content was captured in the four day period, which was then posted over a few weeks after the actual trip. Therefore, we were able to increase engagement with the content over time. 


photos posted


REACH via instagram







Building community to deepen our relationships, increase engagement, and further our reach.

Through one of our communities, Pursuit of Portraits, the team hosted an instameet in Seattle in partnership with IGers Seattle. Over 75+ individual photographers joined us for the event in Discovery Park, northwest of downtown. New friendships were forged, and a variety of stunning portraits were captured on Sunday.